Tim – Life Stories

Tim Waller grew up not really having a plan or really knowing what he wanted to do with his life, even going through a phase at school of wanting to be a footballer. In the sixth form he enjoyed psychology, but didn’t feel that was going anywhere. 

Even though Tim never really felt he had a clear direction, God did have a plan for him, and that has been a real encouragement. He wants to share that encouragement with others who may be in similar situations ie not knowing what they’re called to or what they want to do in life.

After 6th form, he avoided going to university as he was reluctant to spend three years of his life doing something that he might not follow up on. So he decided to look for a job, perhaps as a stopgap whilst he worked out what he wanted to do. Tim worked as a teaching assistant at a primary school for two years, but realised that was not really for him, even though it was fun. 

There was a lady at his church who owned her own company, so he went for a job interview and some taster days and trial shifts to see if it would work out. Although he thought the job would be fun, he had a sudden change of heart, and it seemed that God was saying that this wasn’t the right thing for him to be doing.

Jeremiah 29 v11

After much prayer, Tim stumbled across a Gap year program run by Youth for Christ. It was something he had looked at two years earlier, but now it just felt right. So he sent off the paperwork, went for the interview, which resulted in him signing away his life for a year to go and work with Youth for Christ – to work for God and to work for young people.

That was a good year – he learned a lot, about God and about himself, and felt God telling him he would be planting churches in the future. This was significant because that was the first time that he felt like he had direction for his life, which has stuck with him to this day.

During that first year he met Ian Savory which led to him coming to Sheringham. Ian encouraged him to look at a degree course, so he has been studying theology with Regents College.

Looking back now, he feels that everything has pointed him towards this current direction and whilst he accepts the fact that he still doesn’t really know what he wants to do, he is allowing God to take over and he’ll go wherever God sends him.

God has been faithful to Tim, He’s never let him down, and He’s kept him going. It has been a real encouragement looking back, and realizing that God has always had a hand on him.

He’s always been watching over Tim, and He does the same for you too!